Europe has to organize its ideas

leadersThe biggest risk for a european that thinks about the future of his nation and the defense of democracy is that Europe won´t have organized its ideas.That the european thinkers finds themself overwhelmed by the world that overflowing it, or that it sees itself  engulfed by the internal processes of crisis and decay.

Spain can not think in Europe because it´s being engulfed by its own crisis. The same happens to other countries, but if the thinking force of Spain and other european countries don´t organize their ideas in order to organize the future, there will be a decline that will not be it attractive at all.

A central idea which the rest of the countries depend on, is to make the convergence of forces part of a driving force. In a global system convergence does not have an alternative, since it is part of its nature. This has been precisely the success of Europe until now: to strengthen  its union. To make the very different pieces; geographical territory, human and political, a process of synergy.

Lead and manage globalization, at any scale and in any activity, start by understand that in a reality of that kind, as a whole, the attitudes and politics of rupture and divergence will inexorable lead to weakening and the decomposition of its own structures. The system will crash and destroy itself.

This crash has already occurred in Spain because of the model implanted  by the socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Rupture and divide the country has been the politics of Zapatero. In the last month he has done it with the subjects of nuclear energy, abortion, and social dialogue. He has made all the sectors  confront with each other, he has divided the institutions, has imposed partisan decisions that are not in the interest of the general public.

All this, is part of a sectarian ideological model which represents his politics since he was elected to power in 2004. The principal consequence is the decline and weakening of the nation, a social crisis which dramatic effects are exposed on the news every day, talking about four million people unemployed, a social climate marked by an increase in school violence and in the family, or how the government is passing the debt to the next generations. If Europe would apply the ´Zapatero model´of governance, the results would be the same, and the decline of the EU in the world would be an accelerated process. The same way that Zapatero is irrevelant in Europe, the EU would lose influence in the world.

Convergence means cooperation, competition, to share a common system of liberties. Convergence is the contrary to exclude students and business people out of the educational or commercial system, because they want to use the spanish lenguage in the part of Spain wehere they live and are governed by nationalist that want to impose their local lenguage.

Convergence does not mean that western democracies be condescending or weak against dictatorial regimes, but to the contrary, strengthen a system of liberties, security, and values, so its global influence will favor the reform of the totalitarian regimes. Influence in itself favors convergence while on the other side the sectarian model and its weakness lack global influence because can not have it. Where convergence is a integrationist process the sectarian model is disintegrationist.

In order to organize the ideas the priority should be to clarify them. If not, people and nations lose their heads, because the reality overwhelms them every morning, and they are not able to cope with that with which we call “our world”, and it is unbalance. We lose the sense of self and of things.


Published by Antxón Sarasqueta in La Gaceta de los Negocios, July 28th, 2009

Translated by C.S. Martinez

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