Why the information theory of Stephen Hawking’s is wrong

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Stephen Hawking en KTHThe physicist Stephen Hawking has made a presentation this week ( Aug 25, 2015) at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, a new theory about information that is equally as wrong as the last two ones he presented unveil in the past decades.

This mistake by Hawking is of an enormous relevance for the scientist as well as for the public opinion to make them understand that information is not a physical dimension (here is where the error lies) but that it is immaterial and intangible. Which is decisive in order to understand the reality.

How do we perceive things? Information is what makes up our perception, and that is what transforms into a physical force. We think, analyse, decide and do things based on what our information system made us to perceive.

But this not only happens in the human activity, but in the physical nuclear forces. It has been a long time ago that in the field of electromagnetism it was accepted the theory of ‘perception force’, which is created by the exchanges of information messages between atomic particles, and amongst other things determines the system which by the electric forces are generated.

This is the debate of the greatest significance for science as well as for humanity, because it has to do with the ‘being’ of information as an intangible material which constitutes every aspect of our life. Meaning, comprehending reality, thanks to understanding what is the information which makes us perceive such reality.

Hawking gives us three different and opposing versions of his paradox of information

For thirty years Hawking maintained that in a black hole information was lost and could not be retrieved. In 2004 he rectified and unveiled as his last discovery that the information did not disappear in a black hole. Now, eleven years later, he tells us that the information disappears from black holes in order to create parallel universes. Three different and contradictory versions which he has named “the information paradox“.

Nevertheless, scientific investigations as well as their empirical results have demonstrated that the information doesn’t disappear nor it escapes nor it creates parallel universes. Because the information is what makes that everything exists, and without information nothing would exist. Not the universe, nor Hawking´s theory and for that matter nor the DNA. Nothing. Information is a whole and makes the universe a whole – and unique..

Portada del libro Somos información de Antxón SarasquetaI believe that throughout my thirty years of investigations and empirical results that I have proven that information is an intangible matter. Which has its own structure of properties as a system. Exposing it in my articles, books, seminars, conferences, videos and webs, with numerous cases and practical results for a greater and better understanding. One of this works is the book “Somos información. La nueva ciencia de lo intangible” (We are information. The new intangible science) (Ed. Eunsa, Universidad de Navarra, 2012) You may go to the web page to see the work and the impact it has.

The new intangible dimension of the information

In the work mentioned above, I cite Hawking´s cases and another scientist that from the very start was opposed to his theory, the physicist Leonard Susskind (Stanford University), who has developed the bidimensional reality both of the physical and intangible. The reality that has a physical form and that one that doesn’t, but which still is part of the same reality. Which has made Susskind one of the main scientist to develop the holographic technology.

The Spanish physicist Alberto Galindo, on the occasion of joining the Royal Academy of Medicine of Spain, in his speech entitled ‘Quanta y Vida’ he asked clearly “What do we understand here by information?” After establishing that “Until now never before has the human being been so dominated by the information”. He was asking about the basics of the role of information in science.

How Alzheimer´s disease helps us know what is information

One of the best ways to understand what is information as intangible matter is provided by the human being when suffering from this terrible disease of Alzheimer.

When suffering from this terrible disease the person loses information which leads to human degeneration, which ends up as a physical body without it’s own capacity. He’s losing his properties of information. Losing memory, orientation, situational awareness, confusing or not understanding references ( doesn’t know who is who, nor he knows his own relatives) and he has lost all capacity to perceive reality and react to it. That is why he also ceases to have autonomy in their physical function.

They are all properties that form the intangible system of information, perfectly synchronized, which makes our life´s motor, and when they stop doing so we lose all our functions. Like when you disconfigure a computer system, It stops functioning.

The future of investigative field of intangible information and its system

But the lose of information in a person or any other physical entity doesn’t mean that is an irreversible loss, nor it will disappear nor it will create parallel universes. The information will keep being part of the whole of the universe. Why? Because the information has in itself and automatic mechanism of transmission and reproduction. The genetic information is able to transmit and reproduce because it is one of the properties of information. The information, by itself, is the whole universe.

That is why is so important to investigate the intangible system of information, because it´s the basis of the new science, its applications and solutions in all the areas of activities. Including scientific, political and certainly social problems.

To investigate in the science of intangible information is key for our immediate future.

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